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  • Chiseled Rocks - The creative works of Eugene Arenhaus. The artist behind the front cover of Redeeming Factors and Last Dance of the Phoenix.

  • Fictional Life - The creative works of Ted R. Blasingame, the author of Hoenix, Sunset of Furmankind and the long-running Blue Horizon series.



  • Mephit Furmeet - A 'cozy' convention and a chance to have a good time with your friends.



  • Canine Partners for Life - A non-profit organization dedicated to training Service dogs and then place them where they're most needed. Wouldn't it be nice if every blind or otherwise disabled person had a helper?  Pop by there and donate!

  • Tiger Haven - Sometimes it's the animals that need our help. This is a non-profit organization with a strict "no-kill" policy that runs an animal shelter for big cats, taking care of animals that have been abused, confiscated or abandoned. Though NOT your typical kittens, these beautiful animals still need our help.




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