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Pen & Ink


Blind Sight  - 2001 by James R. Lane

Two Explorers meet and discover that they have more in common than they first suspected.



Born to be Mild  - 2009 by James R. Lane

Lewis Gramm is the CEO of a small, very lucrative networking consulting company. But even with his busy schedule he still finds time to get out for a good run.



The Decision  - 2012 by James R. Lane

What if yours and most others' core belief was called to task---and putting your faith in it might mean your "inconvenient" demise? Would you do it anyway?



The Toaster  - 2020 by James R. Lane

He'd seen and done too much, and he was tired. When a world of trouble literally dropped into his life he discovered that he couldn't escape it---even if he died!


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