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"Redeeming Factors" Redeeming Factors  - ©2016 by James R. Lane


Jack Ross leads a relatively quiet life in post-millennium northeast Florida. A successful, divorced middle-age businessman with two grown children, Ross is also a man of many secrets; some bad, others worse. In a world finally settling down after a global upheaval brought about by the multiple discoveries of first, a cheap, universal star-ship engine, and second, sentient alien life, Ross becomes the first public customer of a very special multi-national, multi-species business venture. The company, known as Patrons, hopes to help condition various timid alien species to be able to coexist with the aggressive aliens in the universe. Mankind included. 

Dozens of more-or-less anthropomorphic alien species had been discovered, and about half of the species were non-aggressive vegetarians. The remaining species, both carnivores and omnivores, were of mixed feelings about those who were, to them, looked up on as little more than prey. Most of the meat-eating species were willing to consider peaceful coexistence with the herbivores, but as in most loose-knit groups, there were always spoilsports. Therefore the Patrons concept, mankind’s contribution to interstellar peace and good will. 

Ross signs a two-year contract with a human-like female H’kaah, named S’leen, a rabbit-based being who is to become his companion. Like all of her people, she is inexplicably attractive and a sheer delight to be around. The very concept of human-like rabbit creatures strikes a pleasurable chord in all of mankind; we’ve loved such creatures from the time we were infants, and once grown, we still love them. 

With the H’kaah, however, there is one additional factor: They’re sexy. Ross knows this and desperately tries to keep things on a strictly friendly basis, but he finds himself falling hopelessly in love with the charming creature who has come to share his life while learning to survive in a universe seemingly determined to have her for dinner. 

What follows is a roller coaster ride for both Ross and his alien companion, as he teaches her how to stand up against aggression from both her own kind as well as the universe’s most lethal killers. Ross, on the other hand, knows he must ultimately come to terms with his own nightmare past, a past that actively wants him dead. 

Jack Ross, you see, is a genuine monster, and as leopards have a tough time changing their spots, monsters, too, find seeking redemption a daunting task. Sometimes, though, redemption seeks them...


Click HERE to read the first chapter of Redeeming Factors.

AUGUST 2016 - Redeeming Factors has been out of print for years, but the story has been newly revised and is now available in softcover trade paperback from Lulu Press.

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"Last Dance of the Phoenix"

Last Dance of the Phoenix  - ©2016 by James R. Lane

Thomas Barnes, fresh out of interstellar cold-sleep, walked out of the alien starship a new man. An entirely new man. He’d had fifty years wiped off his calendar simply for agreeing to be a guinea pig for the aliens’ frightfully expensive rejuvenation project, a business that they hoped would make trade between their worlds and Earth worthwhile. But there was a slight problem: The elderly lead scientist for the project was supposed to be on the ship, and was to live with him for three months to make sure nothing went wrong. But in her place was a young intern, terribly sick---and stinking to high heaven. Soon they would find themselves fighting for their lives against an unknown enemy that seemed determined to see the project fail. And the harder they fought, the worse things got!


Click HERE to read the first five chapters of Last Dance of the Phoenix.

AUGUST 2016 - Last Dance of the Phoenix is now available in softcover trade paperback from Lulu Press..



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